Postcards from Paris: Avant l’Heure Ceramic Tea Mug


Postcards from Paris: Avant l’Heure Ceramic Tea Mug
Size: 260ml
Material: Ceramic
Artist: Annemie Odendaal

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The only thing better than your morning tea, is your morning tea being served in a specially designed mug by one of your favourite South African Artists!  Not only will your taste senses be awakened, but your visual senses will be satisfied as well, giving you a smile on your face to start the day.
We have created handcrafted luxury gifts, collaborating with South African Artists to bring you  specially curated, unique functional art products that cannot be bought in a shop, all delivered to your doorstep. Safe, easy, convenient.
We love to support our local artists, while making someone else’s day in the process. You can also make up a gift box by selecting your favourite items and we will box it for you. Surprise a loved one today, or just spoil yourself!
Care: We recommend that you hand wash your mug with cold water and store it out of direct sunlight. Not suitable for dishwasher.
This set of mugs by Annemie Odendaal, forms part of her “Postcards from Paris”-series:
“I have always loved the intricate art of folding origami, especially rabbits. The folding process forces me to be still, focus intensely and be completely in the moment. I find it both soothing and therapeutic. Once I arrived in Paris, I folded a new origami rabbit, and aptly called her Lapine (French for Rabbit). I then placed her in various Parisian settings, forcing myself to observe things from a different point of view, investigating my surroundings from a new perspective, exploring new concepts to develop into artworks later on. This series is therefore a very intimate look into my process, as I started to doodle with ink in my tiny sketchbook to put down preliminary ideas on paper. This is where new ideas start.
Seeing the world through these glasses (a bit like Alice through the looking glass), I have discovered so much more than I could ever anticipate, evoking a deeper connection and process of honest interrogation of my surroundings, society, and myself. I was struck once again by the beauty, complexity and secrets of Paris, much as is reflective of our own lives.”

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm


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